Le Roc to Nadaillac le Rouge walk

Despite the forecast heat (over 30 degrees) we all agreed to walk again this week.  A short walk, we were told, as our leader this week had to be back home for a village picnic by 11am.

We started in the village of Le Roc down in the Dordogne valley and soon climbed way above the village.

Half way up the hillside


The temperature was 26 degrees when we left the village and the mercury kept climbing, so frequent water stops were needed.

Three of our intrepid lady walkers

We carried on through woods, thankful for the shade until we eventually reached the village of Nadaillac Le Rouge where we spotted a very interesting bread oven…

… and admired the musket fire holes in the little church

There are two versions of how they got there – the official version, according to a text attached in the church porch is that the awful English did it during the 100 years war.  The other version, according to locals is that it was a raiding party from the nearby Le Roc who wished to raid the village whilst the seigneur was away, however his lady was in residence and took pity on the poor tired raiders (who had allegedly just climbed the way we did).  She fed and watered them and suggested that before they return to their own village below, it may be politic to discharge their weapons, rather than take them home fully loaded.  Well, who know which version is correct!  The church itself is very beautiful and a popular spot for weddings.

There was just one last long climb across a field before the descent back into Le Roc.  We managed to do the walk in just over two hours and the temperature when we returned to the car was already way over 30 degrees, the clouds were hazing the sky though and we are promised a little rain later – not before time.


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